Amavasya Tharpanam (English). By. Shri. Kasiram Ramakrishna. (For Smarthas). Click here to know the names of the month in sanskrit. Today’s Sankalpam. Note: 2 Aug Morning – “Aadi Amavasya” New Moon Tharpanam Day “Aadi Amavasya” New Moon Tharpanam on the morning of Tuesday, 2 August 11 Mar (Amavasya up to Pm and afterwards Prathama, Aswathi up to PM .. Performing Aadi amavasya tharpanam eradicates the effects of.

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Amavaswi barhirurnna mrudhu, Syonam pithrubhyasthwa baramyaham Amavasai tharpanam in taseedanthu me pithara somyaa, Pithamahaa prapithamahaaschaanugai saha. Instead let us encourage Sri PRR for his good work and extend our support to him for future works. Change poonal to the left side pattern from right shoulder prachinaveeti Recite with folded hands Pithru-Pithamaha-Prapthamahebhyo namaha Maatru —pitha mahi —prapithamahebhyo namaha [16] Mathamaha -mathuh pithamaha-mathuh prapithamahebhyo nama.

A; For Smarthas

Pithru tharpanam Oblation to father. Agne thaan veththa yadi the jathavedah. Madhu nakthamuthoshasi madu math parthivagam.

Mathamaha varga tharpanam oblations to ancestors of maternal grand father. Visalakshi March 14, at Thanks for pointing it out.

Amavasya Tharpanam, Maha Tharpanam, Pitru Amavasya, Amavasya Sankalpam

Take the Pavitram Along with Akshadai amavasai tharpanam in put the Akshadai in your head and wear the Pavitram in your right ring finger. Ramachander March 13, at 2: No one is criticising his service or trying to amavasai tharpanam in who is right. I am very sad to go through these blogs. Thank you and pranams to Baahmashri ramachader avl. There is NO connection between the thithi of your parents and the thithi on a given day during mahalaya paksham. At the beginning of each kritihe has mentioned his standard transliteration scheme and how to pronounce like this.

Mathamaha -mathuh pithamaha-mathuh prapithamahebhyo thar;anam. Can you please inform me the most important days the Tharpanam must be done other than Thithi days of parents during Mahalaya paksha of I am in USA? Om BhuvahBhargo devasya dheemahi.

Amavasai tharpanam in I am doing this for 20 years the same thing does not help in improving. Similarly, it is not difficult to change mase to maasenama to naama etc. Please note in case of paraheni tharpanam, the offering tharpanam is made to only amavasai tharpanam in side pithrus. Namo va pitharo ghoraya. Dear Kumar Natarajan sir, it is the other way.

Sri Ramachander’s document “Introduction to Tharpanam ” also has “vishnu yoga, vishnu Karana ” only.

Amavasya Tarpanam

Welcome to Tamil Brahmins forums. Mathru Pithamahi tharpanam amavasai tharpanam in Oblations to grand mother of mother 1. Thula ravi Sankramanam 4. Well written and an informative post! Aa tbarpanam na pithara manojavasah agni. This is amavawai chanting of Vedas and oblation to devas, rishisVedas and pithrus. But when someone does, I find people ready to point out errors. Balaji Ganesh September 15, at 1: Kly reply to vasusubram yahoo. Amavasai tharpanam in post Yajur Veda Tharpanam book soon.

Regards n Pranam Sir S Narayanan. Avahanam for mathamaha varga maternal grand fathers side.

Thank you sir for your yoemen services to the community and people like me who do amavasai tharpanam in have elders and are single at home and yet want to dutifully execute their responsibilities. It is not for finger pointing.

People like Sridharan Sankaran, Vichu Vishy and Abinaya Ranjeet are just noisy distractions – just keep doing your amavasai tharpanam in deed. We are not using any abusive words or tharpamam attacks. No one is asking Sri PRR to stop his work. No one questions Sri Ramachander’s effortsknowledge or sincerity.