Andrey Tarkovsky, the genius of modern Russian cinema—hailed by Ingmar Bergman as “the most important director of our time”—died an exile in Paris in. Tarkovsky sets down his thoughts and his memories, revealing for the first time the original inspirations for his extraordinary films. Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema () by Andrei Tarkovsky translated by Kitty Hunter-Blair (, University of Texas Press).

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To start with the most tiem consideration, it is worth saying that the indisputably functional role of art lies in the idea of knowing, where the effect is expressed as shock, as catharsis.

Sculpting in Time : Reflections on the Cinema

The latter is hopeless. I was interested in something else: Art acts above all on the soul, shaping its spiritual structure. So much, after all, remains in our thoughts and hearts as unrealised suggestion. Tarkovsky also worked extensively as a screenwriter, film editor, film theorist and theater director.

In what ways are literature and cinema similar and related? Here the hero’s death has a particular significance. I’m looking forward to reading Kieslowski, who appears to be less lucid, less articulate, less structured, less zealous, a medium almost entire, which should make a pretty good contrast.

He acquired a matrix for actual time. That was why Goethe remarked that ‘the less accessible a work is to the intellect, the greater it is. All these qualities are typical andrdi your style of exposition, and yours alone.

Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema – Andrey Tarkovsky, Kitty Hunter-Blair – Google Books

It is asking yourself how and why you did or did not respond to something. And yet we were moving quite tentatively, still only feeling our way.

There are other unsuccessful passages in the film of the kind that arise as a rule when the moment of recognition is not there for the author and is therefore equally lacking for the audience. For happiness is an abstract, moral concept.

It has to be made clear once and for all that if cinema is an art it cannot simply be an amalgam of the principles of other, contiguous art forms: However, other guarantees of the film’s viability were to hand in the persons of Kolya, camera-man Vadim Yusov, composer Vyacheslav Ovchin- nikov, and set designer Evgeny Chernyayev; these made me persist with the filming.

This blog runs in association with eLucidAction. Time can vanish without trace in our material world for it is a subjective, spiritual category. I sat through to the end, despite the fact that after the first half hour I developed a severe headache as a result of my genuine efforts to analyse it, or just to have some idea of what was going on, of some connection between the characters and events and memories.

Full text of “Andrei Tarkovsky – Sculpting In Time”

I personally acquainted with people whose whole life collapsed under Tarkovsky’s colossus. It is this predilection of mine that makes me so fond of Dostoievsky, for me the most interesting characters are outwardly static, but inwardly charged with energy by an overriding passion.

Afterwards it became clear that little of what I discovered actually had life in it. It’s quite true, it’s said very clearly and exactly. Film took a wrong turn; and we have to accept the fact that the unfortunate results of that move are still with us.

The time in which a person lives gives him the opportunity of knowing himself as a moral being, engaged in the search for the truth; yet this gift is at once delectable and bitter. Oct 11, Safae rated it really liked it Shelves: You are commenting using your WordPress.

This definition may appear too wide and general, but it seems to me to take in all that cinema and literature have in common. I recognize that people are too easy on themselves, but I should focus on the issue that lay beyond that. It is no exaggeration to tarkovskky that my acquaintance with him decided my attitude to the filming of Ivan’s Childhood. But they go to the cinema.

And it’s only by good luck that tarkovsoy not blown up! Open Preview See a Problem? One is reminded here of that sad dictum of Hermann Hesse: The Sacrifice Conclusion Notes show more.