Atla Taddi (October 10, , Friday) Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Dasara every year. It is one of the most Read the story of Atlataddi vratam. 9 Oct Dussehra festival is followed by Atla Taddi which is one of the important festivals celebrated by Telugu women in particular the young. 30 Oct One of the most important festivals of Telugu people is atla taddi. It comes after Also there is an interesting story in the olden days.

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Even in Northeast small towns, this time is very pleasant during starry nights.

Atla Tadde – prayers for a happy marriage

Atla Taddi is celebrated in the Indian month of Ashwiyuja and falls on the third night after a full moon. In olden days a king had a beautiful daughter named Kaveri. on

Many years later, when the princess grew up and a suitable match was being searched for her, no young groom could be traced. Retrieving the bucket used to take hours of patience and hard work.

Some time back, I witnessed Atla taddi katha in Gauri vrata m at a temple here and my memory raced backwards to my village. Nice Post and good information thanks for a information.

Third Moon Festival — Atla taddi. Occasionally we used to lose steel buckets in deep bottomless wells. During one of my middle school days, I was hastily walking home for lunch break. One is Atla Taddi and the other one — Rukmini Kalyanam u. If a man wants a long atla taddi katha in happy life, he can certainly meditate or pray to his ishta-devata.

For those young girls seeking decent husbands, is there any guidance? Pl clarify whether it can perform in any month other than than asvayuja bah ulna tadiya. And none for man? If you know any, plz mail to lsindhuri23 gmail. Completion of the vratha is marked as udyapana. The modern rational person may say all this is oppressive for atla taddi katha in. But it is more effective, if his wife performs a vrata nomu on his behalf.

Atla Tadde

atla taddi katha in The earlier generations without a paid membership at gym or Y utilized simple cost effective tricks kathha regular exercise. Following this incident, the princess went back and completed the rituals of the festival as directed and soon she got married to a handsome, young man of her choice.

The above process has stla be done for 10 years. Basically woman plays a key role in the welfare of the society. But they sing songs on this day right?

I walked and roamed in that coconut garden for six years and not once I was struck by a falling coconut. When a woman leads a happy, blissful and prosperous married life, her contribution would be good towards the making of a welfare society.

This important principle is followed by both Parvati and Lakshmi. The festival of Atla Taddi is very much similar to Karva Chauth – a festival celebrated by the atla taddi katha in women in the North states of India. Rice with yogurt and a piece of avakayi Andhra mango pickle was not unusual for atla taddi katha in — certainly not out of norm for young growing children then.

During this festive season, girls do plenty of oscillations on long swings hung from tall tamarind trees and mechanical grinding chores with bare hands. I was exhausted due to the morning lessons and long walk. Atla Taddi nomu is a traditional festival of Andhra Pradesh and is celebrated by Hindu atla taddi katha in women to seek latha of Goddess Gauri for a happy and long married life. Youth obsesses on daydreaming, elders regurgitate nostalgia.

Atla Tadde Date and Time for Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States

The ‘vayanam’ should consist of 10 atlu, dakshina optionalnalla pusalu small black beads preferably tied into a chain, pasupu turmeric powderkumkuma vermilion and tambulam. Also there is an interesting story in the puranas. Gauri Devi puja has to kathx performed. Out of despair and anger, the princess ran away to the forest and started crying atla taddi katha in a banyan tree. It has all the elements — romantic spirit, freedom, tasty dishes, and lots of games.


Atla Taddi – prayers for a happy marriage | Atla Tadde celebration

Home Talk Property Beat. We had a long footpath towards the water and all along atka were rows of coconut trees on either side. You need to eat only atlu and a special sweet made of tapoica arrowroot powder called palatalikalu or a kheer type of sweet with arrowroot powder known as timmanam. In the evening, women atla taddi katha in poojaand after looking at the moon, they break the fast by having tiny atlu miniature dosas.

This festival is symbolic of the strength of a woman atla taddi katha in the effect of her good deeds that benefit her husband. Evening puja has to be performed for Lord Ganesh made of turmeric.

This page was last edited on 18 Octoberat The festival is mainly aimed at blissful and long married life.