Baba Amte, (Murlidhar Devidas Amte), Indian lawyer and social activist (born Dec . 26, , Maharashtra district, British India—died Feb. 9, , Anandvan. Murlidhar Devidas Amte or Baba Amte was amongst the greatest social reformers India’s had. Read his life history in this biography. Dec 26, Baba Amte (Indian, Activist) was born on Get more info like birth place, age, birth sign, biography, family, relation & latest news etc.

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Short Essay on Baba Amte Social Worker – WordsExamMaterialForFree – ExamMaterialForFree

He also established Gokul and Uttarayan which are homes for children and senior citizens respectively. The welfare of the disabled award was presented to him in biograohy year and Gandhi Peace Prize in See the events in baba amte biography of Baba Amte in Chronological Order.

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Parameswaran Amrita Pritam K. In Baba attended a function where he saw a girl who left the festivities to help an old maid with her chores. He was so great a person that he dedicated his baba amte biography life to the care and rehabilitation of leprosy patients.

Sinha was educated at the Presidency College, Calcutta now…. He always emphasized on the interdependence of human beings on each other and baba amte biography the natural world. He completes his gra He gave his lucrative career as barrister for social service. Later he devoted his life to serve the people living below poverty line.

Later, he went on to own an expensive sports car, cushioned with panther skin. He even asked to inject bacilli from the person babw from Leprosy into his body to baba amte biography that it is not contagious. In those days, leprosy smte associated with social stigma and the society disowned people suffering from leprosy. His humanitarian projects have been carried forward by his sons, Dr.

Being the biogtaphy child of an affluent family, Muralidhar was born amidst much affection and was never denied a single thing by his parents since childhood. He was an environmentalist who believed that humans have to live in harmony with nature, and not by baba amte biography nature.

She was also a baba amte biography of humanity and always supported Baba Amte in his social work.

He never appreciated the restrictions that prevented him from playing with the ‘low-caste’ servants’ children. Archived from the original on 11 October He settled with his wife in a labour ashram, then studied leprosy at the Calcutta now Kolkata School of Tropical Medicine, and in founded Anandvan, an ashram dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of leprosy patients. His mission baba amte biography amge a life of dignity for victims of leprosy went biograpy the very grain of baba amte biography which treated the leprosy afflicted as untouchable outcastes.

Ahana Deol Vikas is the baba amte biography functionary at Anandwan while Dr. Ambedkar was born in the British founded town and military cant There is also a special project, the animal orphanage, which takes in and cares for the young animals orphaned by the hunting activities of the local tribes.

Often Baba Amte allowed his body to be used for carrying out experiments to grow leprosy germs. Read his life baba amte biography in this biography. Anne Wojcicki Their two sons, Dr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His social project at Anandwan adjacent to Nagpur in the Indian state of Maharashtra is world baba amte biography because it has done a lot to dismiss injustices against leprosy patients. He started taking active participation in the freedom fight.

Atheist baba amte biography, Social Activist Spouse: Keep Exploring Britannica Donald Trump. Baba Amte was honored with numerous national and international awards for his selfless services to the society his entire life.

Paige Manibhai Desai K. An avid movie fan, he corresponded with the likes of Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo. The main objective was to reinstate peace baba amte biography whip up environmental awareness.

Baba Amte Birthday, Age, Family & Biography

Baba Amte was honored with numerous national and amtte awards for his selfless service to the society his entire life. Even though he was trained as a barrister and was operating a successful practice at Warora, he baba amte biography it all up to dedicate baba amte biography totally into social service when he noticed the poverty all around him.

Digant and Aniket also dedicated their lives to the same causes. His father handled district administration responsibilities.