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Dial number It makes sense to divide telephone numbers in short number blocks of Dial number digits and to say them this way.

Using the hands-free car kit for the first time. Now connect the microphone connection 5 and the plug of the moni- tor connection 6 bury cc9060 manual the electronic box. Please find the relevant details in the instructions manual for your mobile phone. In addition you can bury cc9060 manual the individual mobile phones or also the entire list of the paired nury phones and change the PIN code standard Now connect the microphone connection 5 and Summary of the content on the page No.

The Bury cc9060 manual number voice commands are divided into different menus and some commands are only available in certain menus. In order to avoid the blinding effect especially when driving at night, you can activate the Sleep mode.

After this, you have to select the menu language if several are available for you to select. Page of 44 Go. Don’t have an account? Conference Mode The bury cc9060 manual car kit provides you with the possibility of merging up to seven conversations to create a conference. Handling via Touch screen. In case you cannot read all text messages an information field is faded in try it again later.

In lots of radios, the volume buey feedback of your conversation partner can be controlled via the phone input and the selection of the loudspeaker. In this option, you are bury cc9060 manual to invert options the names of the entries in your telephone book in the HFCK. You can change the user language by selecting the bury cc9060 manual lanuage. Please contact them ac- cordingly.

Security guidelines Installation of the hands-free car kit 3.

Bury CC Smart Manuals

If your radio has a mute function, then the vehicle speakers are turned onto mute using the radio. Page 5 The hands-free car kit HFCK is supplied with different combinations of components, depending on the sales bury cc9060 manual countries.

Enter the area code wait a moment so that the HFK can repeat the entry. Now connect the wh. Here you can deactivate this automatic mode or decide for one mode.

Page 4 of THB Bury GPS Receiver CC User Guide |

Operation using voice control Touch screen 2. Approvals and declaration of conformity.

Enter the remaining numbers of the actual telephone number wait a moment so that the HFK can repeat the entry. Then user adaptation training is only needed if you speak a strong dialect. You can then decide whether to accept or decline the call. bury cc9060 manual

If you receive a further call during an active telephone conversation, you can merge both conversations into a conference. Our phone and fax numbers are listed in the chapter Service at the end of the operating bury cc9060 manual.

BURY CC 9060 Music USER Manual User Manual

Page 20 Operating guidelines If the voice control function is active bury cc9060 manual the corresponding menu ap- pears in burg display, or the details of the particular function that has been activated.

You can accept or reject the call using bury cc9060 manual the voice control which has to be activated beforehand, see chapter In lots of DC power supply, the connection of the cables. Installation of bur hands-free car kit 4. You can also contact our hotline.