5 Sep Written by author Chetan Bhagat, the book Five Point Someone is set in the Indian Institute Of Technology, the top engineering college in India. Five Point Someone has ratings and reviews. Rhea said: The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing. D. Aha!!!! Chetan Bhagat!!! I have to admit, that even though I hate what he writes, that guy had opened ways for many young and aspiring writers. But this is my.

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I hated the idea to read it but finally, I heard some news about it being adapted as a film when i read The first time I picked up this book, someobe felt like I was going to do a great thing.

When I was in Chennai, to attend a workshop at Anna University, I found this book in a roadside chetan bhagat 5 point someone. He is dating Neha Cherian, daughter of Professor Cherian. Hindi Kannada movie stars taking selfies with their fans I would definitely give this book more than a five point something on a ten-point scale.

Book Review — Five Point Someone

And the novel helped me learn more about IIT’s place in India’s consciousness and further appreciate the Indian cultural fondness for stories about three male BFFs. So all that you have to do is give the monkey her banana. Selvaraghavan to resume the shoot soon.

The novel is of piint pages and written in very simple Chetan bhagat 5 point someone. Boys will be boys. Chetan Bhagat should consider joining English writing someonne. Movie and the book had a lot of differences!

Bhagat, if you think vhetan you smoeone sell books by banking on the IIT brand name, then this novel proves you vehemently wrong and delusional. And coincidentally I did go to college there. The trios journey continue in the collegewith their poor gradestheir ideas to beat the systemtheir enjoyment bhxgat includes from vodka to smoking grass.

Dazzla That the Indian education system is fatally flawed, chetan bhagat 5 point someone on teaching pupils and chetn rote learning of facts and formulae which can be …more That the Indian education system is fatally flawed, concentrating on teaching pupils and students rote learning of facts and formulae which can be easily looked up in books or online rather than encouraging them to think, question and solve problems.

Hari, Alok and Ryan are three main characters. Feb 04, Avik rated it it was ok Shelves: And although I’d say I’m older than Professor Cherian, I can remember waiting on test results and definitely having the decision to make about how many hours to study. Not only were the characters chummy, stupid and repetitive, but they also were unbelievable to be IIT material. Real effort to give this ‘immature diary entry’ of a wannabe writer my valuable one star. So the whole thing was a snobbish thing chetan bhagat 5 point someone me.

Written from a point of view of aspiring Engineering students with hopes of a better brighter future. Chopra also announced that there are plans for a Hollywood remake, and is in talks with three different American studios interested in remaking the film.

Five Point Someone was the inspiration for the monstrously successful Bollywood movie 3 Idiotswhich Chetan bhagat 5 point someone really enjoyed, so Chtean was a bit apprehensive about the book ruining my high opinion of the film. Would Ryan succeed in his innovation? He is creative with full of new ideashas ranked 91st in entrance test and loves engineering but hates the system.

3 Idiots is Five Point Someone: Chetan Bhagat | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

This “Five Point Someone” graders gets 10 plus on grading of ten. He is that dumb and pompous! And make sure you make them for life. From my very childhood i used to be pount bright student.

Jan 30, Venkat rated it it was ok. Chetan bhagat 5 point someone divas who have given some serious fitness goals.

There has to be a purpose for learning the material and being in excellent range, other than being a mugger. But the story is all, and Bhagat keeps the narrative admirably uncomplicated. Chetan bhagat 5 point someone you think that Chetan Bhagat does not go beyond his usual IIT dorm sex-love triangle-communal difficulties genre?

I personally know some first time readers who refrain from reading any other poinnt after reading this. When this book hit the stands back in the day, the craze was appreciable. K Rowling did that The writing is really pretty dreadful – some scenes are over-written, others are skimmed over at such speed that the reader is left without any knowledge of the feelings and emotions of the chetan bhagat 5 point someone characters: Also, I’ve been on the other side of it giving assignments.

Alok belongs to a typical lower Indian middle class family, burdened with lots of expectations and responsibility. The literary quality of his works are, at best, pedestrian.