Description. This course is an introduction to ERP supported by SAP ERP with the IDES database. The method is developed for business schools and. De praktijk van mySAP en IDES. 1. Errata Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES version. General comment: the menus within accounting have been adjusted . SAP ERP modules are notoriously hard to configure and use effectively without a lot of practice and experience. But as SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES.

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Figure 11 – An instrumented workflow with an authorization barrier Our goal is to add this one dynamically through an external modification driven by instrumentation at the host level. In the second part, focus is moved towards the creation of generic workflow building blocks that makes composition of data-driven workflows easier.

However, due to their praktikj nature, the need for dynamic adaptation of workflows grows.

If not, a dynamic update is applied in order to put an authorization barrier in place. The tool allows inspecting workflows that are ives running or have terminated their lifecycle. In order to make accurate timing possible, the Stopwatch class from the System. Tracking is either enabled or disabled, while instrumentation can be done selectively, meaning that a specific subset of the created workflow instances could be instrumented based on decision logic. Although it might look a pretty simple and straightforward step, there are quite some caveats.

Data produced by one part of the workflow ve be consumed everywhere else down the drain. The former one involves direct interaction with humans, such as approvals re invoices as part of a larger workflow, while the latter one is situated in the business processing space and involves communication between services and machines.

Orchestration helps developers to automate business processes that involve multiple computer systems, for example in a B2B scenario.

Overige kenmerken Extra groot lettertype Nee. Earn hundreds of dollars each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. This technique combines the vna of external modifications on the hosting layer having access to contextual information with the horsepower of internal modifications that have a positional characteristic in a workflow definition allowing for just-in-time adaption.

Finally, results are stored in the Results property and the activity signals it has finished its work by returning the Closed value from the ActivityExecutionStatus enum.

Samenvatting: de praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES – SAP – Stuvia

Although not so well-known yet as the web service SOA tenets or the database ACID properties, these four tenets are erl good starting point for further discussion: Changing this table, for instance stored in a database, at runtime will automatically cause subsequent workflow instances to be instrumented accordingly.

This approach makes configuration complexities manageable. Fred Lorsheijd Het druivenboek 29, Having just one workflow that is responsible for the processing of all patients makes the agent host very simple. For example, when using a web service host, the invocation of a certain web method could trigger the creation of a workflow instance that then starts its own life.

If another shipping company requires a different flow of activities, this could be loaded dynamically. Indeed, as we ll show further in this work, combining dynamic adaptation with generic components for aspects like logging, authorization, runtime analysis, etc.

Samenvatting: de praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES

The results of adding one, two and three activities are displayed in Graph 1, Graph 2 and Graph 3 respectively. The command-line output of the compiler is shown in Listing 1. Register “Query”, typeof stringtypeof gatherdataactivity ; [Browsable true ] [Category “Database settings” ] [Description “Name of the query. In this final sample, we ll illustrate how one can build a generic workflow inspector utility that can be added dynamically through instrumentation, for instance to assist in production debugging scenarios.

Bekijk en vergelijk alle verkopers. In our sample, pratkijk suspension point is injected after an activity called democode1. To illustrate this, consider a workflow defined as in Code For non-instrumented workflow instances, it s possible to perform an update right away using the external modification methodologies described earlier in this chapter.

SAP NetWeaver For Dummies

This includes performing the necessary scheduling and threading. To support data bindings by means of properties, WF introduces the concept of dependency properties which act as a centralized store for workflow state. Furthermore, a generic framework is created to assist in the development of data-driven workflows by means of composition of generic building blocks. Nilson Tim Rhodes SAP can help you capture better information and deliver it more quickly, allowing you to make better decisions and maximize the business value of everything you do.

Instead, WF is built around the concept of dependency properties for cross-activity data exchange, which introduces the need for quite a bit of wiring during composition, e.

This workflow has been instrumented with timers, an authorization mechanism and a logging activity at runtime, the result of which can be seen on the right-hand side of the figure. During a workflow instance s lifecycle, the same query version will be used, ruling out possible mismatches between different queries Core query manager implementation Next, we ll implement the query manager itself which is really straightforward Code As a matter of fact, it serves as a sample to two core WF features: It s safe to state that external modification is the better candidate of the two to apply unanticipated changes.

| SAP NetWeaver For Dummies, Dan Woods | | Boeken

This effectively allows to expose long-running stateful workflows through web services. Such a structure is somewhat equivalent to a procedure call in a classic programming language, or to a goto statement in older languages.

Instrumentation has a significant cost too but its wap of increased flexibility and the preservation of a workflow s pure and smooth graphical nature outweigh the costs. Furthermore, in combination with Local Communication Services the workflow instance could retrieve information from the host that s used in the decision process for dynamic adaptation.

Therefore, we ll mimic this approach by creating custom activities that praktujk success or failure and act as a bit of eye candy to improve the visuals of a workflow definition.

Since developers don t have to bother much about the complexities of multi-threaded programming when working with WF, this should be considered a big plus. Meer specifiek onderzoek we hoe workflows dynamisch aangepast kunnen worden om tegemoet de komen aan dringende structurele wijzigingen of om aspecten zoals loggen en authorizatie in een workflow te injecteren.

As we re to keep things as generic as possible, we ll make it possible to inspect classic properties, dependency properties as well as fields. Also, by keeping the workflow definitions independent from communication mechanisms, a great deal of flexibility can be realized to allow a workflow s publication through one communication mechanism or another.