John Naka is well known throughout the Bonsai community across the globe. His books and writings reveals knowledge from basic to advance for enthusiast to. More by John Yoshio Naka. Bonsai Techniques One. John Yoshio Naka. Bonsai Techniques II. John Yoshio Naka. Top of Page. My Account · Billing · Shipping. The Bonsai Clubs International’s BONSAI MAGAZINE; September-October ; Volume 42, Number 5 honored America’s premier master bonsai teacher John.

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He joined others in supporting and promoting bonsai as a bridge to international friendship and peace. He contributed articles, forewords, and photographs to a number of specialty magazines and books. John has received the National Heritage Fellowship, our nation’s highest cultural award. He was an honorary advisor to the National Bonsai Foundation.

In John spent a weekend with Jim’s Study Group, Jim asked him to make a sketch of this bonsai in a new style, he did, but Jim never made the change. A very few of his jjohn accomplishments are the following: Ours was just one of countless honors.

As always at AoB, the owner of the pictures retains all copyrights and will receive full credit for them.

Many years later he realized that the photographs he took during that visit showed views of Goshin that are not commonly seen. It was in the National Bonsai Collection and has since died. Naka traveled and taught extensively around the world, at conventions and clubs, but refused to hold classes in Japan where bonsai had been highly developed along certain lines over the centuriessaying naoa want me to teach, and I tell them it’s like trying to preach to Buddha.

John Yoshio Naka

At the International Bonsai Congress, he refined and set a long-term training strategy for the same three trees and supervised the yoshii into unique handmade pots created especially for them by Japan’s master potter Akiji Kataoka of Tokoname’s Yamaaki kiln.

Naka joohn honorary citation on behalf of the County for “his outstanding contributions to the Japanese-American friendship by providing the people of Los Angeles and the nation with ability to understand and appreciate the beauty and significance of bonsai culture.

A few years later, he accepted a Big Island Bonsai Association invitation that included visits to Kona and Waimea bonsai clubs and to view collections. Eastman Kodak’s Applied Photography Magazine. A bud today becomes a branch tomorrow.

The bonsai died last year due to hurricane damage. With a heavy heart I learned of John’s passing on May 19, Would you like some more? Naka donated it to the National Bonsai Foundation in for display at the United States National Arboretum and it has been there ever since. In Hilo, when offered choice collected materials, he was excited, wanted to train each in a different way, and just couldn’t choose between them! John Yoshio Naka was born on August 16, in Ft.

Masters of Traditional Arts: A drawing of Mike Page’s California Juniper done at a workshop. John had the gift of not only seeing the future of a tree, but also of being able to dramatically capture his vision on paper. The title refers to the little recognized fact that, yes, even bonsai masters can make a mistake. AoB usually includes a brief bio of the featured artist at this point, in this case we have decided to forgo the bio, as there is no way we can do justice to this great man by adding anything that would surpass that which already has been done.

John Yoshio Naka was a unique individual who set high standards for all of us to try to follow. The crest in the background is John Naka’s family crest that he gave a framed copy in gold foil to his disciple students.

At each location, he unexpectedly improvised and initiated presentations. Originally conceived as three separate galleries sorted by drawings, bonsai, and photographs of John, we later decided not to divide or classify the submitted photographs into different galleries, but instead to offer them together, in a single gallery as an in depth exploration into his genius.

I am sure we will all agree that the results of this experiement shows excellence and as such reintroduces us to a method of photographing bonsai that we would do well to try and duplicate today. Photograph by Sage Ross. National Endowment for the Arts. TwistedSifter The Best of the visual Web, sifted, sorted and summarized.

John Naka – Wikipedia

Mike still has the tree and greatly values the drawing. He was America’s first great bonsai professional who naaka out of the bigotry of World War II to help create a more peaceful world. It would seem that bonsai as an art form was alive and well in Yosiho 28 November The planting can be seen on display at the National Arboretum. It is a forest planting of eleven Foemina junipers Juniperus chinensisthe earliest of which Naka began training into bonsai in From the collection of Jim Smith, this sketch is one of the many drawings of bonsai that John made of the members bonsai at Jim’s study group in In the years that followed, John’s skills, activities, and fame grew as he developed into an influential leader and traveled throughout the world sharing both the technical and philosophical aspects of bonsai.

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So jhon the formal presentation, he set the styling and supervised three teams to train three trees! It is little wonder that John Naka is remembered with awe and respect and is often referred to as the father of American Bonsai. Jim restyled it last year completely different. From the collection of Jim Smith, this sketch is of a Portulacaria afra Jim created inhis first Portulacaria.

His books “Bonsai Techniques I and II” are likely the most recommended yoshiio in the art, not only to beginners but also to the more advanced artists that somehow missed reading them.

He also received Japan’s Imperial Cultural Award. Hillsborough Bonsai Society is no longer in existence. Photograph submitted by Ed Trout. Naka with an honorary citation from the Japanese yosho for his effort in promotion of goodwill and friendship between Japan and the United States.