CONNECTED OBJECTS MAKE EVERYONE’S DAILY. LIVES EASIER. Every Eliot Programme by Legrand connected product in your catalogue is identified by . Arteor™ is the only range featuring Galuchat: this precious fish My Home Legrand supports 2 technologies: Red catalogue numbers: New products. patch panels, RJ 45 sockets and area distribution boxes. P. EMDX3 multi- function measuring units. P. Arteor mechanical and electronic switches. P.

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For the latest updates from Legrand, simply complete your details below. Arteor features complete solutions for modern lighting management, from entry level for a single load to top dimmers for demanding applications. ARTEOR The range reaches from wiring devices, zrteor innovative radio automation solutions up to fully networked home automation in a unique aesthetics.

Arteor offeres the user diversity of choice and extensive adaptability in terms of decoration and lifestyle. My Home access control. Arteor is the innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirements in the building business all lrgrand the world. The Arteor range contains a very high level of detail. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

Wake-up and Sleep lighting scenario Relax scenario: Leave your hassles at the doorstep: One touch closes the curtains, dims the light from the oor lamp and brings you some gentle music. Moreover, as it allows for monitoring the photovoltaic installation and solar panel performance, the output of electricity and hot water can be read at any time. Open the catalogue to page 8. Let the plateful of new Mallia colours delight visual senses. Products and systems Online tools Softwares and documentations Other commercial brands.

The extended range today offers a choice of round and square rocker plates not only for stand-alone functions but also for home automation devices. Also, integration of the electrical installation with standard hotel building management systems is now possible.

Arteor wiring accessories – Legrand UK & Ireland

With Arteor there are no limits to the imagination of creative designers. Arteor has been developed as an authentic international concept. Open the catalogue to page catalgoue. Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey, and help us improve. The same goes for design: With our enhanced selection of classic matt white, contemporary sliver Arteor has a solution even for this: Perfectly in sync with new technologies, the lines of Arteor echo those of high-tech objects increasingly found in interiors: A wide range of cabinets for rail equipment available in different standards, designed for optimised wiring, maximum ease of Arteor Exclusive An individual touch for your projects.

A scenario switch within reach is all you need to turn on the desired light from your bed, open the blinds and have soft music accompany you into the day. For lovers of beautiful design, Arteor is an exquisite collection of light switches, dimmers, power, audio, video, data, and USB sockets designed to enhance modern interiors. Find out more… 0? With Arteor everyone can realise his or her individual arteeor ideas.

Lighting management and emergency lighting. Because Arteor is a modular system – meaning the grid, mechanisms and coverplates are purchased separately to allow electricians to customise solutions for each project – there are millions of possible combinations.

While similar in design to the standalone accessories, Arteor automation devices provide a greater range of technological features, from lighting, heating and blind automation to full scenario control.

My Home heating and air conditioning controls. Each day begins well with Arteor. Axolute moves straight into the world of personalized Hotel Solution Increase Customer Loyalty From the entrance of the hotel room to the bedside table – Arteor solutions for the specifics needs of the current hotel industry are designed to enhance customer comfort.

Arteor wiring accessories

A unique selection of finishes with a quality standard which accepts no compromise. High efficiency power transformers. EVERY TIME From the simplicity of white moulded plastic to the sophisticated style of woven metal, Arteor offers an array of stylish finishes that flow from its modular wiring accessories range through to automation devices.

The new comfort features such as the display thermostat or the 8 push-button control allow the hotel operator to offer guests even more personalised service so that they enjoy comfort just like at home. Universal dimmer Emergency lamp Meanwhile, a lullaby can be broadcast over the centrally controlled sound system to ensure children fall asleep in comfort.

LCDs, plasma screens, digital photo frames, and computer screens. Reliable access to data or the internet and flexible use of modern audio and video devices – Arteor adapts to all digital developments and provides perfect connections, whatever the requirement.

And if that does not suffice. Viewing visitors at your door Electronic Switches and motion sensors Design Options for Control Functions Arteor offers a wide range of choices of ergonomics and finishes to satisfy the most demanding customers.

With Arteor your ideas become reality.