A list of 50 phrasal verbs for you to learn for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) exam. 75 must-have phrasal verbs for FCE (CEFR level B2). The Cambridge English: First certificate is recognised around the world as proof .. grammatical, such as phrasal verbs, linkers and words within fixed phrases.

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Her grandparents brought her up. Her teen-aged children are always hungry.

Doing this will help you to remember in the future. They set out for London early the following day.

75 Must-Have Phrasal Verbs for the FCE – Memrise

I’m going to turn the heater on”. We didn’t even know she was in town.

Could you look it over? Newer Post Older Post Home. She just got in her car and drove away.

She got on the plane about 20 minutes ago. I can’t hear it.

Could you fill rirst in on this form? My sister took up singing last year. He’ll back me up. Crea un sitio web gratuito.

When she was walking home last night, two men held lista phrasal verbs first certificate up and took her purse and jewellery. Her father was laid off yesterday. You always know the answer. I’m looking forward to the Easter holidays.


Just get on cerrificate your homework! Sometimes she’s very warm and friendly and sometimes she acts as if she doesn’t know me. We set off to Madrid at five o’clock to avoid the traffic. Before yesterday, they hadn’t seen each lista phrasal verbs first certificate for nearly five years. Will cerrtificate help me pick them up? The directions mixed me up. This phrasal verb is often negative: They got really angry with each other and broke up.

Put on the light, it’s getting dark. Johnson rejected your report.

Can you turn it up a little? Will you pay by check, in cash, or with a credit card? I’m coming back on prhasal fifth.

I’ve set a meeting up for 9: Take off your coat and make yourself comfortable. If you find phrasal verbs difficult, don’t give up.

75 Must-Have Phrasal Verbs for the FCE

El comparativo y el superlativo. Be sure you wrap up when you leave the house. Who will help me pass them out? This phrasal verb is very informal. There’s a car coming.