Shop B&H’s in stock, large inventory for fast shipping, great service and everyday low prices on Mackie VLZ4 VLZ4 Replacement for Mackie. Shop Mackie VLZ3 Channel Compact Recording / SR Console. Search all Mackie Designs Inc. in Analog Audio Mixers. Review: Audio Review: Mackie VLZ3 Compact Mixer. The mics pre’s and EQs sound fantastic and Mackie has fixed the frequencies of the shelves in useful .

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Each channel strip from features a mm fader, signal routing and solo buttons, a mute button and pan knob. Up to 15 dB of boost or cut is available on each. There’s got to be someplace on the front panel for this, guys.

This is just one of over 75 professional audio mixers covered in The Mixer Output Guidewhich describes direct maclie, inserts, hidden mods and more. To the far right of the control surface are aux masters, stereo returns, metering, effects controls, and faders for the mixer’s four subgroups.

Mackie vlz3 channel USB Mixer | eBay

By default, inputs will be hard-panned as left and right stereo pairs. If the processors sound good, that’s two less rack-mounted units I have to lug into the gymnasium.

There are six other, smaller mixers in the line, ranging from inputs, but the and the bring three new tricks to the party that none of the others have-two onboard effects processors, USB connectivity with your computer, and onboard compressors.

Unfortunately, inexpensive digital reverbs sound grainy and 2404-vlz to my ear, and while the s processors are not great, they’re not 2404-vls3.

Review: Audio Review: Mackie 2404-VLZ3 Compact Mixer

To see the rest, and for definitions, visit The Guide. Copyright c Production Media, Inc.

But at the same time, since I’m also responsible for the quality of the audio, I am skeptically optimistic at best when it comes to the fidelity of bantamweight gear with a “small footprint. Pan that input to the center. This mixer weighs 31 lbs Here is the manual. The only difference is whether they are pre- or post-fader. These have 24 and 32 input channels, respectively, and the “04” designation refers to the fact that these are both four-bus mixers.

The auxiliaries allow for really flexible routing, although it would be nice to have an option to switch auxes five and six to pre-fader mode, to allow a completely independent stereo recording via the USB interface. Three and four can be switched between pre- and post-fader mode as a pair, 24044-vlz3 five and six are a bit unique. But some of these are panned hard left and right. For more information and reproduction guidelines please contact us at or info churchproduction.

The USB interface facilitates the recording of four discrete channels and playback of two discrete channels to and from your computer, respectively. There are three major features that make this mixer stand out: Each subgroup has its own single-knob compressor-like inputsvery nice for creating drum spank buses and the like.

Mackie VLZ4 Replacement for Mackie VLZ3 | B&H Photo

Above that is the mixer’s three-band equalizer, with low shelving fixed at 80 Hz, high shelving at 12 kHz, and mids sweepable between Hz and 8 kHz. A headphone jack on the rear panel?

Gain Control of Direct Output: The delays are just fine, and offer tap tempo right on the front panel-very handy. Aux sends are post-fader or can be set to send to the internal effects.

This pair is fixed in post-fader mode, so they’re not particularly useful for monitors. See the following tricks to make some of these mono.

Mackie 2404-vlz3 24-channel USB Mixer

Above the EQs are knobs representing the mixer’s six auxiliary sends. Aux sends are pre-fader. The two stereo returns can’t be bussed to achieve the same trick as on inputs As a pair, they can be toggled between feeding the two internal effects processors or a pair of output jacks for external processing.

This is powerful-it makes for quick turnaround of podcast uploads, and can also enable quick editing, processing, and burning mackle CDs for churchgoers.

Aux sends can be set pre-fader makie post-fader. All aux sends, whether they are pre-fader or post-fader, 204-vlz3 post-insert, post-low cut, post EQ, and post-mute. Trick to make them mono panned to the center: These same auxiliaries could be used as an effects send to plug-in processors on one’s computer, and I’ve become a big fan of using computers as signal processors this way-I’ve become spoiled by the quality of convolution reverbs and the like.

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Now these inputs are panned to the center mono. Back to Search Results.

But, they can be routed to the aux sends. Sends one and two are intended for monitors, as they are fixed in pre-fader mode. Skip to Main Content Area. The VLZ3 mic pres have tons of headroom, are dead quiet, and create no coloration whatsoever-I love these. The one absurd item on the back panel is the headphone jack. Skip to main content. Macmie church is a portable “church-in-a-box” that leases time in an elementary school gymnasium 2404-lz3 Gilbert, Ariz.