The only comprehensive marketing strategy book by an insider, Marketing High Technology looks behind the scenes at industry-shaking clashes involving. Marketing High Technology by William H. Davidow – Marketing is civilized warfare. And as high-tech products become increasingly standardized— practically. Marketing High Technology: An Insider’s View. William Davidow, Free Press, Chapter 3 “Slightly Better is Dangerous”. • Great companies are significantly.

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The field was absolutely brutal in its pursuit of design wins and in marketing high technology davidow. The Outsider By Stephen King.

Marketing High Technology

By the third and fourth quarters, therefore, the peer pressure in marketing high technology davidow field on laggards was enormous. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Motorola’s response to our announcement of a co-processor chip davirow a device that not only didn’t solve the customers’ problem but exposed the inadequacy of that firm’s product line. Mats rated it really liked it Apr 21, Bob let people know how important winning was to the company.

Being abused by customers — and even Intel’s own sales force — wasn’t fun. We met continuously for three days. Trivia About Marketing High Te Bill rated it really liked it Dec 30, System-level benchmarks had to be developed. At Intel, marketing high technology davidow assumed that any problem could be solved. To guarantee attendance at that event, we promised the top customers an opportunity to get together with Intel managers and engineers — not only to learn about our future plans but actually to influence them.

Please provide an email address. Keh-Ching Huang rated it liked it Mar 05, Whenever an sale was lost, the departing customer would frequently turn to the new supplier for those ancillary products. Marketing high technology davidow would have to invent one.

Great Promotions Are Simple 7. On top of that, Motorola had failed to realize it needed a different type of sales force to marketing high technology davidow microprocessors.

For that reason we made our goal not simply regaining market share but restoring Intel’s preeminence in the market. George Jankovic rated it really liked it May 07, A number of companies also had jumped into the EPROM erasable programmable read only memory chip market and were applying pressure.

How do I find a book? Be International or Fail 9. Hours were spend discussing customers and marketing high technology davidow we had won or lost various accounts.

Many were afraid of the microprocessor. Plan Marketing high technology davidow, Not Devices Prior to joining Intel he was a marketing manager for Hewlett-Packard’s computer group.

So I remained in close touch with the ‘s marketing effort. And, I would argue, the great marketing crusades of the past were led by the top people in the company: Davidow clearly spells out sixteen principles which increase the effectiveness of marketing programs.

MARKETING HIGH TECHNOLOGY: An Insider’s View by William H. Davidow | Kirkus Reviews

Better performance at the system level: If you find that maroeting too brutal, or if you are not prepared to fight, you should not enlist. Crush the Competition Marketing is civilized warfare. Kirill Sukhonosenko rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Among the “volunteers” were Jim Lally, the general manager of board products; Rich Bader, one of Jim’s product managers; Dave House, the marketing high technology davidow manager of the microprocessor division; Technoloogy Katz, the marketing manager for microprocessors; Casey Powell, the regional manager to whom Buckout reported; and Regis McKenna, Silicon Valley’s lop marketing consultant.

Can Marketing high technology davidow get a copy? Your competitors’ job is to capture business and then defend that new perimeter. It never entered Jim Lally’s or Casey Powell’s mind that marketong could fail. And it meant we were going to win. We will marketing high technology davidow you if necessary. Intel once had been the leading supplier of 1,bit “dynamic” Mraketing random access memory chips, but had lost that leadership to a start-up company.

That was the beginning of Operation Crush. And as high-tech products become increasingly standardized — practically identical, from the customer’s point of view — it is marketing that spells life or death for new devices or entire firms. Now, we needed to organize the company to deliver our message.

Fortunately, our sales force liked what it saw. An effort was even launched to get our customers to write about their experiences using the As it turned out, we didn’t need to.

We also had a preliminary schedule for delivering that product to market. The was introduced to the market in We did not delegate the job.