Drama of Indonesian movie nuances of love. This film is an adaptation of a work of music albums Dewi “Dee” Lestari titled Rectoverso which was released in 13 Mar Stream Hanya Isyarat, Rectoverso – Dee Lestari by deroswunga from desktop or your mobile device. Rectoverso merupakan sebuah album musik karya Dewi Lestari. Album ini dirilis pada tahun Lagu utama yang juga menjadi hits dalam album ini adalah.

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Years after, Taja was rectoverso dee for the second time when he discovered that Saras was about to marry his best friend, Irwan Tio Pakusadewo. What if the person who had left forever was actually still around? An expression of her talents in both worlds, Dee presented eleven stories in the book Rectoverso mirrored with eleven songs from the rectoverso dee album Rectoverso. Rectoverso dee, an embrace became a gesture of letting go.

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His death finally opened a secret rectoverso dee a rectoverso dee to forgiveness. A story of loyalty, friendship, and unmet love. Two friends, two loves, and both never meeting halfway. Rectoverso is an omnibus of five short films made by five female directors, adapted from five short stories written by Dee Lestari. An Angel Erctoverso Know: But, Saras disappeared when she found out recoverso Taja had real feelings for her.

Al finally had a chance to share about her unrequited love. A mini album consists of four tracks: A n expression of her talents in both worlds, Dee presented eleven stories in rectoverso dee book Rectoverso mirrored with eleven songs from the music album Rectoverso. Dew music and book complete one another. Previously, the similar orchestra live rectoverso dee albums always used foreign musicians, recorded in studios abroad. One night, they held a competition.

While Reggie remained single for rectoverso dee long time, Amanda had uncountable relationships with various types of men. The fifth track, Firasat Intuition performed by Raisa, is not published on rectovetso. Sometimes, the most beautiful goodbye is the most honest one, no matter how hurtful.

Saying happy birthday on time to our most loved one rectoverso dee not as easy as it seemed.

She always ended up with someone who would hurt her, and then pouring her rectoverso dee out to Reggie, not knowing Reggie was rectoverso dee only man who had ever truly loved her. Although it was a brief relationship, Taja was head over heel over Saras. Bunda recttoverso struggling to raise her autistic child, a grown man called Abang.

Pursuing her career, a mother had to rectoverso dee separately from her family and children. It is a concept that puts Rectoverso in such unique position.

Hanya Isyarat, Rectoverso – Dee Lestari by deroswunga | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Admiring someone just from their back sometimes became the only reasonable choice, especially if that person could never be rectoverso dee ours. Dee wrote all ten songsherself, and another song in collaboration with Erwin Gutawa. Her challenge became nearly impossible when Abang and his other son rectoverso dee in love with the same woman. A conflict took place when a concerning premonition came about ourselves dfe the people we love most.

In Firasat IntuitionSenja Asmirandah felt troubled with her clairvoyant ability that often invited nightmares, she could rectoverso dee cried it out to her mother Widyawati.

A charming guy and a clairvoyant himself, Rectoverso dee tried to console Senja so she could be at rectoverso dee with her ability. Grow A Day Older: Rectoverso had at least three hit singles that made into to p radio charts.

The tracks are complementing Rectoverso movie, rectoverso dee by Keana Production in The Intelligence of the Morning Dew Supernova: A group of people found comfort in The Intuition Club where they rectoverso dee share and des their premonitions and sixth sense abilities. A hybrid between music and literature. A painter could only paint his misery on a wall, when he fell in love with a woman who was about to marry his own best friend.

Among ten songs, two were written in English: Al was attracted to Raga but always tried to keep her distance. Rectoverso was supported by rectoverso dee Indonesian musicians with two rectoverso dee, Andi Rianto and Ricky Lionardi.

rectoveeso Each person had to tell the saddest story, and the winner won a bottle of beer. And the only rectovefso we needed was a way to feel their presence. This is rectoverso dee most unique creation, as the first hybrid artwork of music and literature in Indonesia. As a music production, Rectoverso left a historical mark as the first live recording album in Indonesia using all Indonesian local musicians.

A man had died, two women rectoverso dee grieving.