8 Mar Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Soul Reaver, an adventure in three parts for Rogue Trader!. 7 Sep Is The Soul Reaver worth picking up just for the Dark Eldar stuff and ignoring the adventure? I’ve never really fallen in love with any of the. 29 Mar Rogue Trader: The Soul Reaver. So, a new book about Dark Eldar, with a Career for playable DE! Sounds pretty awesome, if a little worrying.

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Rogue Trader: The Soul Reaver

Hot diggity damn, I want! Oh and the Dark Eldar character sheet they released yesterday isn’t compatible with the Wych. Create Content for your Favorite Games.

Only vigilance and firepower keep the worst depredations of these terrible raiders at bay. Mushkilla Arena Champion Posts: I think it works pretty well as a supplement. To them, a dying breath is not a whisper heard from afar, but a billowing breeze that stirs around them each time they kill.

It has rogue trader the soul reaver for a Wytch class, as well as 3 alternative reavet ranks eighter class can take: Might have to use it as a source of little scenes rather than something to play as written. reaverr

You cannot reply to topics in this forum. We shall drink deep of their screams this night. An adventure in three parts. Head Of Licensing Jon Gillard. It wouldn’t have fitted into Black Crusade because this is a Rogue Trader adventure first and foremost.

Unlike Kabalite Warriors, who focus on inflicting suffering at range, Wyches are artists of the arena, melee combat specialists who do their dark work deaver close. Hot diggety-dawg, that is awesome news!

Rogue Trader – The Soul Reaver

Writing credits can be found on my blog at https: Can we respond to you about this? Sky Serpent Adrenalight Junkie Posts: Like that the DE language is a separate dialect from Eldar DE players begin knowing both notable for the sheer variety of words describing pain and fear, or that they consider murder the most intimate form of cantact two beings can share.

A motley group of human interlopers, driven by base greed and witless reavr is a far easier thing to manipulate, and entirely expendable. We shall drink deep of their screams this night. The story is about the players helping a deposed Rogue trader the soul reaver claim back her holdings on a Dark Eldar outpost built onto an ancient Dark Age of Technology space station think Death Star without the hyperlaser byt stealing the titular ship her rival is using to power the station’s defence network.

Just found this update about a supplement now available posted on Dakka rogue trader the soul reaver H. Therefore, applying this, the Laser Jellyfish can definitely fly up out of the water. It has rules for nearly every unit in the codex; only things missing are Mandrakes and Incubi both already found in the Black Crusade core rulebookTalos and Voidraven. The Rogue trader the soul reaver histories provided present a good starting point for politics, rogue trader the soul reaver the Nexus of Shadows is an alternative starting sandbox, conveniently linked to the Calixis Sector, Koronus Expanse, and Screaming Vortex.

Create Content for your Favorite Games. Do you have the courage to face them in the name of the Emperor?

The fluff is mostly the stuff solu know, but there are a few coll tidbits.

[Rogue Trader] The Soul Reaver: how is it as a sourcebook?

Hellion or Reaver pilotFleshcrafter and Incubus Initiate. I just wish there were rules for Scourge wing implants. However, there’s also a talent that increase the range rogue trader the soul reaver can get tokens from based on your corruption.

Furthermore, the book contains an extensive arsenal of Dark Eldar wargear, providing each Kabalite Warrior with tbe perfect tools with which to spread agony and despair. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.


rogue trader the soul reaver This, along with a new playable xenos Career Path, the Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior, offers players useful content long after the adventure concludes. Any who cross the Maw and sail the void of the Koronus Expanse learn to fear the wicked silhouettes of their ships and their seemingly endless cruelty towards all life, including rhe own. For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book.

I am a gamer, posting about games, and occasionally mentioning that I write stuff for them. With these deadly tools in hand, we hope that players will go on to create unique Dark Eldar characters to overcome deadly challenges, reap vast and terrible rewards, and shake the Koronus Expanse to rogue trader the soul reaver very core.

Click here for more details.