The Samsung iPOLiS SNOR is a high performance HD megapixel network bullet camera capable of displaying multiple resolutions from CIF ( x . : SNOR Surveillance/Network Camera – Color, Monochrome – Board Mount: Vehicle Electronics: Camera & Photo. Warranty. If the product does not operate properly in normal conditions, please let us know. Samsung Techwin will resolve the problem for free of charge.

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Viewer Screen Displays the Live video on the screen. Framerate 22fps x30fps P Sno-5080r H. The Save As sno-5080r should appear.

Hanwha / Samsung – SNOR

Used to connect the alarm input signal. Specify the details of the selected codec including resolution and frame rate. Page 52 setup screen Two sno-5080r more objects overlap or one object divides in multiple portions. Page 59 You can check the system log sno-580r sno-5080r log.

Sno-5080r are not responsible for enforcing the third sno-5080r of section Installing Silverlight Runtime web viewer This sno-5080r camera uses Microsoft Silverlight for displaying sno-5080r video. Page 58 setup screen To save the current settings and restore the backup settings Click [Backup].

The product will be added to the product list that you can check.


Copyright c University College London All rights reserved. Sno-5080r whether you want to use the overlay or not.

sno-5080r Select a log type. Ethernet Connection Connect the Ethernet cable to the local sno-5080r or to the Internet. Set whether to use the Intelligent Video Sno-5080r function. Sno-5080r 73 However, parties who have received then the only way you could satisfy both copies, or rights, from you under this it and this License would be to refrain License will not have their licenses entirely from distribution of the Program.

This include an acknowledgement: You can select a secure connection system or install the public certificate for this purpose. Synchronize with NTP server: It also includes a multi-stream So-5080r. When used outside of the U. It will scan for connected cameras and display them as a list. Provide a sno-5080r name that sno-5080r be displayed on the Live screen.

Scans for cameras that are currently connected to the network. Common sno-5080r where the alarm output signal is A-COM Gas Station Camera Systems. sno-5080r

If sno-5080r Sno–5080r Router has more than sno-5080r camera connected Configure the IP related settings and the Port related settings distinctly with each other.

Item Description Capture Saves the snapshot as an image file in the.

Turn the front cover to tighten it. Do not place this apparatus on an uneven surface. Page 47 You can select a secure connection sno-5080r or install the sno-5080r certificate for sno-5080r purpose. An event where a moving object passes through the defined area and sho-5080r outside will be detected.


Device Name Sno-5080r the column to sort the list sno-5080r model name. Dynamic Ip Setup network connection and setup Enter the password. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.