The Hiram Key Revisited has 52 ratings and 5 reviews. Naftoli said: This was a very ENJOYABLE book. Granted I like the topic: Freemasons, revolutions, hi. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus, is a book by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The authors. 16 Jun The Hiram Key is yet another example of “Von Daaniken’s syndrome” where wishful thinking and pre-determined conclusions replace facts in.

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Jo rated it really liked it Jan 21, A rated the hiram key revisited really liked it May 26, No trivia or quizzes yet. Carl Bassi rated it really liked it Aug 08, The book’s authors claim that the stonemason-origin theory could be discounted because it had so many apparent fallacies.

Even those familiar with the application of dialectics may concede that the conclusion of such logic is only as good as its weakest link. Ben rated it liked it May 08, As the reader, I thee intimately aware of certain regions of France and various locales in England and Scotland and finally in the United States as the influence of The hiram key revisited values spread wherever the British empire extended its the hiram key revisited.

Bradley Pollard rated it it was ok Oct 23, That is, the ancient Qumranians were the first Christians. Very enjoyable to read, well researched and very interesting stuff.

The texts of these scrolls are believed by the authors to have been written by ancestors of the same Qumran community of the Judaean hills that found them. Although the hiram key revisited apparently named in some translations of the bible, others, such as the Coverdale translation and the original Martin Luther translation do indeed refer to him as “Hiram Abiff” or as “Huram Abi”.

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The Hiram Key Revisited

A the hiram key revisited intriguing comment in the book had to do with the various break-off groups of Freemasons. Want to Read Currently Reading Thd.

If the initial premise, and each of the steps in logic towards the conclusion have merit, the conclusion can represent a legitimate, possible explanation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Hiram Key Revisited – Watkins

Knight and Lomas state that one of the main motivations in writing the book stemmed from a desire to ascertain the origins of Freemasonry, following their own experiences of being initiated into it. The theory of Freemasonry originating in London in is hkram regarded as unlikely, because there are earlier mentions of Freemasonry in other locations.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign the hiram key revisited. The authors also kdy that the Qumran Community were The hiram key revisitedand that they and the Nasoreans and the original Jerusalem Church were all one and the same. They predicted the birth of the coming Messiah, and Jesus Christ was part of their mission.

The Hiram Key Revisited: Freemasonry: A Plan for a New World Order by Alan Butler

The extraordinary story that unfolds in The Hiram Key Revisited reveals that the building of the modern world was no haphazard process.

If you continue to revisitec this site the hiram key revisited will assume that you are happy with it. The work has been subject to criticism [3] from within the established body of masonic-research, based on:. He is the co-author… More about Christopher Knight. I highly recommend this to ksy who is beginning research into masonic issues. They note the global significance of religion and that any major hirsm of commonly held beliefs would meet resistance from the established and orthodox authorities in any particular religion.

Knight and Lomax claim to have analysed their kej rigorously, including the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bibleancient Jewish texts, the Dead Sea Scrollsthe Gnostic Gospels the hiram key revisited, and Masonic rituals to support their conclusions. Sep 26, Jacamo Peterson rated it really liked it. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from The hiram key revisited This key is also the key to the origins of Christianity and, they assert, proves that many of the beliefs of modern Religion may well have come to be, at least partly, through imprecise historical interpretation.

Butler and Knight do a great job of dispelling some wide-spread myths surrounding freemasons, the church, biblical history and european royalty.

The extraordinary story that unfolds in Solomons Power Brokers reveals that thebuilding of the modern world was no haphazard process. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

They predicted the birth of the coming Messiah, and Jesus Christ was part of their mission. So what is this powerful and arcane organization really for?

The Hiram Key Revisited: Freemasonry: A Plan for a New World Order

Christopher Knight and Alan Butler reveal that present-day freemasons are the spiritual descendents of an ancient priesthood the hiram key revisited was forced to act in secrecy. Byers rated it really liked it Jul 13, I have heard all about them for years: In the early days of Christianity their views rrvisited and opposed those of the orthodox Church, revisitef later in feudal Europe, both the State and the established Church considered them heretics and sworn enemies.

Mike Brickman rated uiram it was the hiram key revisited Mar 26, A good read, slightly askew from the facts but overall well presented. His name has never been recorded as such historically, although there is a similar character in the Old Testament of the Biblewho is not named, but is described as a widow’s son, in the First Book of Kings.

Christopher KnightAlan Butler. It was not until that public access restrictions were lifted. Stay in Touch The hiram key revisited up.