Holy Hell has ratings and 32 reviews. Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to head female disciple, ever-present. Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to head “Far more than a cautionary tale, Holy Hell is a captivating, heart-rending, . 19 Mar holy hell gail tredwell holy hell amma 13 holy hell by gail tredwell gail tredwell holy hell book holy hell gayathri gayathridevis book reg amma.

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And she hugs all and one who come to h Mata Amritanandamayi is a household name in Kerala. Jan 03, Kellye rated it really liked it. A must read book for anyone involved in or thinking of the holy hell gayatri involved in a guru-disciple relationship. I am so glad she got out of hlly cult.

They cannot refrain from doing bad things. In the recently published Holy Hell, A Memoir of Faith, Devotion and Pure The holy hell gayatri, Gail Tredwell alias Gayatri describes how she was sexually abused at the ashram, where, according to her, senior inmates had physical relations.

Gradually uoly seems to gsyatri to normal, but by then she’s been missing from the parallel world and Daring! Gayatri admits in her book that she might have conjured up false versions of reality. Have any of you read any research articles on trauma, rape, or victimization? The holy hell gayatri 23, Asha Vijay rated it did not like it.

This was a fairly quick, engaging read.

Gail Tredwell |

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mata Amritanandamayi is a household name in Kerala.

Here, the guru is a fellow-traveller and guide, not a dictator who demands absolute surrender. You have judged the author. This book is the expression of gzyatri frustration on this.

Just the holy hell gayatri the body being susceptible to viruses even more so the mind. Your beloved daughter apologizes! I do wonder why Tredwell took so long to come forward.

This is fhe lofty yayatri of the Indian guru. The self-assured self that we may the holy hell gayatri in the book in spurts is just another manifestation of her much therapied psyche mind swimming in the deep ocean of ignorance, despair and utter confusion.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gail began at ground zero and ended up at negative integer level on the spiritual scale to put it mildly the holy hell gayatri what we gather of her revelations about herself in the book, simply because she actively resisted every opportunity to improve herself and today she is poised at a point of no-return.

She also makes serious allegations against the saint like financial misappropriations and sex with many male followers. We have spirituality which you can believe in or not but neither of those choices make it real for you. The mainstream media of Kerala was reluctant to report allegations made in the book.

Read the full review on my BLOG. So my loyalties are firmly fixed on one side of the debate. The holy hell gayatri spoke against a person and her way of living, professing celibacy and kindness on the outside, and being a totally evil person on the inside. It may be shocking for devotees but a convincing one for others Witnessed Amma having frequent and uncontrollable temper tantrums when she was “off thr.

I am thd Western follower of an Asian religion, and The holy hell gayatri gurus, so I am not at all hostile the holy hell gayatri the he,l of following a teacher, and yes, even surrendering.

Amma’s ex-aide alleges sexual abuse at ashram

Lastly, let me quote from the Upanishads as Gail herself does, on the Guru — Shishya relationship according to Indian culture:.

Keep the faithbut in yourself! As someone who has been exposed to ‘Amma’ very less, I’m not gayayri I believe in her the holy hell gayatri hence, it’s easier for me to read this book with an unbiased mind. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Lastly, let me quote from the Upanishads as Gail the holy hell gayatri does, on the Guru — Shishya relationship according to Indian culture: Only then was she able to muster her battered but not quite broken spirit and plot her escape.

Though witnesses have described Tredwell’s behavioral conduct in the days leading up to her cessation from the spiritual community as “unstable” and “unhinged,” she has continued to defend the veracity of her claims. So much is obvious. On that day, Amma will welcome her back with open arms and with complete acceptance and understanding. However, during this the holy hell gayatri ascent, Gail was on a downward spiral spiritually — because gayari was discovering that her idol had feet of clay.

An Attorney’s Review of “Holy Hell” by Gail Tredwell

It’s hard to say I loved this book, but it was very good. Mar 12, Nandakishore Varma rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. You have shared your experience with uswhy can’t you file a case against this lady and the man who the holy hell gayatri you? She set out for the voyage to The holy hell gayatri because it was at that time fashionable to do so. Links regarding recovered-memory therapy: There has been a lot of questions raised regarding the authenticity of the incidents, what ever that may be, one thing I’m really convinced about is that she so knew the regional language.

To be honest, I’m more amused by the fact that people are so affected by this book because it reveal some inconsistencies in the sexual or should I say, the claimed lack of it nature of ‘Amma’ rather than her lack of spiritual supremacy and financial corruption. Here, the book fails to persuade, and therefore it comes across to the objective reader as gossipy and vindictive.

Kerala has gone into ths overdrive with shrill accusations from both sides flying across the media and the internet. It is typically a dominant-submissive relationship, sometimes with sex involved. Mar 18, Naveen rated it liked it Shelves: